Trust account auditors.

Each Real Estate trust account must be audited each year by a qualified auditor.

Appointing an auditor

You must appoint an auditor when you open a trust account. An auditor is a registered auditor or a member of a prescribed entity.

A registered auditor is a person who:

  • holds a valid registration under the Corporations Act 2001

  • works for a registered auditing company.

A member of a prescribed entity is a person who is a member of:

  • CPA Australia (using the letters CPA or FCPA)

  • the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Australia (using the letters CA or FCA)

  • the Institute of Public Accountants (using the letters MIPA or FIPA).

When appointing an auditor, you need to:

  • make the appointment within a month of opening your trust account

  • notify us within a month of making the appointment

  • include evidence in the notification to us that the auditor has accepted the appointment.

Our Experience:

Over the past 30 years, we have audited a diverse range of Real Estate Trust accounts.

Real Estate industry:

Management rights: 

Our audit team currently inspects but also helps a large number of licensees within QLD and NSW to comply with the respective legislation.

The majority of our clients are small to medium onsite property managers as well as large management rights with pools ranging from 30 to over 2500 properties managed.

Real estate agents:

We represent a broad range of Real Estate agencies ranging from small family business to large corporations.